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Tips for Solo Travelers

I love to travel with my spouse but often because of work purpose I have to travel alone and travelling alone made me realize that travelling without a companion isn’t as boring as it sounds. Traveling solo will enable you to come across unique encounters which you may not experience if you had a company by your side. Here’s what you should do to make your journey a successful one.

1. Consider A Packaged Tour:

If do not wish to travel alone you may opt for a package tour or a cruise where company is ample and you stand a good chance of making friends.

2. Carry A Reading Material:

Always carry a novel or any book of your choice and read it when you’re travelling. This kills time in the best way possible and also helps you avoid the deadly loneliness.

3. Consider Informal Dining:

Loneliness can get the better of you and can strike you hard during the meal time. So to avoid having such pangs of loneliness consider having your meals outdoor where there’s a chance for you to talk to others.

4. Book A Hotel Room:

Always book a place to stay which is centrally located in the destination you’ve planned to go. Travelling alone can make you tired as hell for more than one reason and you need a good night’s rest to recharge yourself up. Putting up in the farms, woods or tents may save you a few bucks but will not give you any proper rest that’s much needed by your tired body.

5. Be Social:

Be a part of any social networking site such as the hospitality club which is an interesting way to stay connected with the world. Did you thought the social media networking sites are only for students and the young heads? Think again! Before your all set to leave for the long journey connect with the online local groups such as the bridge players, golfers, hikers and others who share your interests. Contacting them before you leave for the journey creates
room for having a companion waiting for you when you arrive there.

6. Consider Day Trips:

Joining the guided walks is an exciting way to get the insight of the place you have gone to and also keeps you away from solo travelling blues. Along with the guide, there are bunch of like-minded people for a short length of time and that little time you spend with them is a sure way to keep your spirits high!

7. Keep Your Tour Simple:

Keep your luggage to its minimum when you’re travelling. Carry everything in a backpack if your alone that would avoid your luggage from lugging around when your travelling. Instead of covering many places in a few days and getting exhausted its better you choose one destination and stick there until you think you’re done.

I hope the above tips help you in your solo travels.

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