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9 Amazingly Affordable Countries to Travel in 2018

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Living the life, tasting it and experiencing it to the maximum help you lead a purposeful life. It is important for you to reach out excitedly and with no fear for richer and newer experience. However, you should workout towards budget travel if you desire to visit your dream destination across the world.

Budget travel helps you plan for the right places to travel in the world as you know how much you have to spend. It is prudent for you to start saving as early as possible to reach your target amount. This is a vital step as you will have ample time to prepare and ensure that there is no cancellation of your trip at the last minute due to lack of enough funds.

Allow your mind to drift to the best countries to visit across the world and with the help of best budget vacations, you will be able to make an informed decision on which country to visit. The following are 9 countries that you may consider for family vacations or another form of holiday you want:


affordable vacation spots
Uruguay has a wide range of beautiful places to visit. These places include upscale beach resorts, historical places and untouched beaches among others. However, it has few landmark attractions. Some of the places you can visit include the following:

Montevideo – it is the biggest city in Uruguay and known to be its capital city. It is well-known to be a city with laid back surrounding even in its busiest areas and European architecture. Teatro Solis, Parque Rodo, old city quarter and Puerta de la Ciudadela are some of its landmarks. Rambla, a 22km public walk along the coast of the city is another attractive that you cannot miss. There are also beaches where you can get a relaxing experience as you can watch setting of the sun and play sports.

Piriapolis – it was known to be the country’s destination for the summer holiday. Currently it is a popular place due to its beaches and it has tranquil atmosphere. Sugar Loaf Mountain is known to be the 3rd highest point in the country and it is found in Piriapolis. You can view gaucho landscape and coastline from its top. You can get to this destination from the airport or by using a bus. The best option if renting a car where you can get to explore more about the country’s coast.

The Rocha Coast – it is less developed. It has amazing places for distinct groups of tourist, family, surfers or young adults. The places include La Pedrera, Cabo Polonio and La Paloma. This is a place that can be an affordable family vacation.

Punta Del Este – known to be a beach resort town. It has beautiful beaches, glitzy nightlife and modern city. It is also a summer destination.


affordable places to travel
It is well-known to be a great destination for the Western visitors. Its main attraction feature is sublime countryside which is from paddy fields (from Mekong Delta) and limestone Karts (from the north to waterways).

The Cuisine is the place where you can have the best food and at an affordable price. It is among the affordable places to travel in the country. Some of the places that you can visit include:

Ho Chi Minh City- it is a perfect place for those individuals who love big cities. The city is a hub for crazy and buzzing commercial. Its streets are insanely clogged by cars and motorbike. It has cosmopolitan scene of café and restaurant. This is the place where you can find best experience when shopping.

Hue – it is Vietnam’s historic town. You will be able to check out the great Ngo Mon Gate while touring its grounds. It has wide range of historic sites and you can reach this place by riverboat cruise along the Perfume River. The day cruise may take you to see many tombs.

Halong Bay – it is World Heritage Site for UNESCO and it is mesmerizing sea views. Its bay has many limestone islands and you can enjoy its scenery by taking a boat.

South Africa

best budget vacations
South Africa is among the cheap places to travel in Africa as you can be able to have your safari experience with the Big 5 without having to burden yourself financially. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi is a place where you will get to see the White Rhino. You will be able to enjoy superlative hiking experience in the Drakensberg. Spending some days in wonderful Cape Town will do you good.

It is a country which offers amazing vacation deals ranging from superb cuisine, great beaches, fine weather, modern accommodations and gorgeous scenery. The southern part of the country gives you a wide range of adventurous scenes such as diving with white sharks and off-roading on your safari. It is a great destination that offers you the best experience.


cheap places to travel
It is a popular place with backpackers. Thailand offers affordable vacation spots such as idyllic islands, plenty beach-huts, tantalizing cuisine as well as adventures galore. You do not have to worry so much about the funds you require for your budget trips as its prices are staggeringly low.

You can check out the Nakhon Si Thammarat to get the best food in the country. You can also hire a motorbike for a 600km trip in the Mae Hong Son Loop passing through the forested mountains in the northern part of the country.

Prague, Czech republic

affordable family vacations
Prague is a place known to be cheap for you to visit as its air and hotel packages are affordable to many individuals. It has a beautiful city which has full history and it is a perfect place for you to spend your leisure time. You will be able to enjoy a hearty meal as well as have decent local bear with few Czech Crowns.


famous places to visit
It is a fascinating country that is infectious as you will enjoy life while here. It has the life, the music and the color are all in Cuba. However, travelling to this country might be a bit tricky for you as public transport is known not to exist and hitching is not advisable. Self-drive is not the best option also when you want to visit places such as North America, Australia or the UK.

Therefore budget holidays are very important when you want to visit Cuba. It is advisable that you consult with some of the great small-group companies which deal with tourism. They are known to be safe and they ensure that you are safe. Therefore, they ensure that you get the value of your time and money as you do not need to waste time while waiting for the buses.

Every big city and a little town in the country is well-known to be unique in its way. You may visit Havana city where you will get its rich-culture other towns that you may want to visit are: Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Valadero.

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amazing places to visit
Despite the country’s current economic crisis, it is a place where you will get to relax, enjoy its culture and view its sceneries. There are amazing places to visit and you are advised to have enough money for your travels and therefore, you will be sure of enjoying great trips across the country.

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best countries to visit
It is a country that allows you to travel widely and have amazing food at affordable prices. It is a place that can be affordable vacations for couples as you can visit many places with your budgeted cash.

It is known to offer cheap beach vacations such as the eschew Goa beaches in Gokarna. Kebabs and puris in Mumbai are intended for amazing food. The endless sands of its Thar Desert can be explored from Jaisalmer, the Golden City.

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beautiful places to visit
Nepal has famous places to visit and therefore, individuals visit there for their own reasons. There are those who want to trek or climb the Himalayas, others go for Nepal’s rich culture, spiritual awakening and for a visit to Kathmandu City.

It is a life-changing incident as you will interact with the new and amazing environment. You can also visit the National Park to see the wild animals. However, you are advised to check the local conditions prior to your visit to Nepal because of the major earthquake which occurred in the year 2015.

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Change is as good as rest and therefore, visiting a new place will do you good. There are many countries with exciting places for either for your family vacations, own holidays or couple vacations. You are advised to plan in advance for your trips for you to see your dream of visiting a certain place come true.

Budget travel helps in ensuring that there are no last-minute cancellations and it is intended to keep you within your budget. You can check through travel agencies or using the internet the travel packages, the destinations and any other offers available to make a decision on the suitable place for you.

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