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Best vehicles for Tailgating

Parties come and go and it is just natural to have the best out of them. Many people think only of the foods, drinks and the locations and they forget one of the most important things for the best experience – the right vehicle.

The following vehicles are the great choices to take you to a party (They are not in any particular order):

1. Ford F-Series


Ford F-series’ beds offer plenty of cargo space for all tailgating requirements. You can pack coolers, grills, etc and all will fit well. And once they are unloaded you will be left with enough space where you can sit and relax.

2. Honda Ridgeline


The Honda Ridgeline also offers a bed to carry larger items just like the F-series. On top of that it also offers a dual-action tailgate. You can open it from the side or swing down. The Hondas’ tailgate makes it easy to get to all your necessities

3. Ram 1500


This is the best option for many football fans. It features tie-down cleats, lockable compartments and a bed divider. It also has an air suspension system.

4. Honda Odyssey


The Honda Odyssey offers enough room to carry all your family and friends plus your gear. The new model features the Honda Vac, an in-car vacuum to help clean up any mess that may occur during the party.

5. Chrysler Town & Country


This is another attractive tailgating option. It features a third row that converts into a rear-facing tailgate seat, meaning you will not need to carry many chairs freeing up more space for foods and drinks.

Other vehicles you can consider for tailgating include Ford Flex, Toyota 4Runner, Honda Fit, RV, Land Rover and Range Rover.

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