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Buy 1 million air miles for $6,500

This seems impossible but a German entrepreneur has found a 100% absolutely legal way to buy a million air miles for only $6,500.

The real good news is everyone can do the same.

A million air miles could translate to two first class flights on Etihad Airways from the US to the Maldives. OR, five return business class trips to Asia flying on Singapore Airlines.

Torsten Jacobi, the German entrepreneur who owns Bluusun Media, a company that also owns a website called, said the scheme involves a credit card. When you apply for credit cards, make sure you choose those that offer generous sign-up and bonuses when you spend. You then have to buy gift cards using the same credit card and immediately liquidate it back into cash.

As long as you faithfully pay off your credit cards in full every month, it will reach an amount to thousands of air miles because of the price tag of the gifts and the credit card fees, which reaches to $6,500 in just a year.

Jacobi used two credit cards, the American Express Gold Card and the CitiBank Executive AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard. For everybody else, use credit cards you are eligible to apply for. Jacobi said it would only take that and two minutes of your day to be able to afford the 1 million air miles for $6,500.

What you need to do is use your two credit cards to purchase gift cards that are worth $1,500 every day for 12 months. You may also need to register for an online payment system like EvolveMoney.

Although he has only tried it on local flights, Jacobi swears this scheme is the cheapest way to score a million air miles all across the world.

He says if you manage to buy a gift card that is worth $1,500 on a daily basis and use Citibank and Evolve Money to liquidate the purchased gift cards, that’s three gift cards per day, which would total to $6,186.75 in fees. Partial card fee would total to $250. Total miles earned are 790,000 rewards points on American Express Membership and 282,500 for AAdvantage miles, with sign-up bonus included.

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