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10 Amazing Spots around the World for a Destination Wedding

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Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017

A wedding is already the most special occasion in one’s life, but, believe it or not, it can be even more special if you join it with another spectacular experience – travelling. Destination wedding has numerous other perks, such as sharing the day with a selected few, having unbelievable photos, getting an instant honeymoon, and using the setting as the decor. In not so distant past, destination wedding meant a quick trip to Las Vegas, but today you have the chance to say your vows in almost any place in the world. Since the number of options is so overwhelming, we’ll help you narrow it down to a selected few.

1. Venice, Italy

Venice is the city where one of the world’s most desirable (and most persistent) bachelor, George Clooney said “I do” to his then fiancé Amal Alamuddin, so you see how this is a true sanctuary of love. And really, what’s there not to love – gondolas, history, beautiful buildings, world class hotels and restaurants… one word – Italy.

Venice, Italy

2. Sicily, Italy

Let’s stick around in Italy, where every corner of every city is the perfect place to be wed. Still, a little different scenario than the Italian peninsula offers can be found in the amazing vineyards and olive groves dappled Sicily. Ancient palaces, cities made of stone, monuments, old churches and temples can be found everywhere.

3. Paris, France

As Audrey Hepburn once said “Paris is always a good idea”, especially for a wedding. It is considered to be the most romantic city on the planet, for millions of good reasons. You can say your vows at some of the luxury hotels, while cruising the Seine, or in some romantic tiny bistro.

Paris, France

4. Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Some couples just don’t want to stick around at one place for too long. That’s why Frankfurt Airport service offers them a chance to tie the knot and hold the reception in the hotel at the airport. It’s a wedding like no other, you must agree.

5. Greece

Greece is the country of unparalleled history and beauty – wide open skies, sun-bleached ancient ruins, miles of splendid coastline… You can’t go wrong if you decide to get married in Athens rich with famous archaeological treasures, Crete filled with dramatic coastlines and breathtaking beaches, or Santorini with its picturesque houses and sceneries.


6. New South Wales, Australia

Australia is a large vastness, and it is hard to pinpoint the most perfect destination to get married there. Let’s narrow it down to NSW, where the lion’s share of the country’s population lives. From Sydney’s glitz bars, across the misty rainforests of Washpool National Park, to the spectacular ballrooms of Conca D’oro in Riverwood – it doesn’t get any better.

7. Colorado, USA

Looking for a romantic place to get married in the U.S.? Look no further. Colorado has everything you need – aisles padded with wildflowers, scenic mountaintops, fabulous ranches, historic hotels, and soaring sand dunes. State parks, such as Ridgway and Golden Gate Canyon are just some of the possible destinations.

Colorado, USA

8. Puerto Rico

Getting married in an Old Spanish Fort at sunset? Say no more. The only minor nuisance about a wedding in Puerto Rico is that it requires getting a blood test in order to receive a marriage license. But who cares about the blood test? Look at that beach!

9. Costa Rica

Very close to Puerto Rico, but without similar legal requirements, Costa Rica is an extraordinary exotic location that includes breathtaking stretches of sand, romantic rain forests and interesting volcanoes. The country is bursting with activities, fun, and delicious local fruits.

10. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is much more than a safari destination. The diverse culture, powdery beaches, lush mountains, star-studded desert sky, Kalahari dunes, vibrant Cape Town, exciting Johannesburg – it is everything an adventurous couple could wish for, for their special day. The license to get married is relatively easy to get. Besides the usual stuff like passport and witnesses, you need to have a letter from your Embassy stating that you are free to marry.

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The world is a very large place, wouldn’t you say? There are so many amazing destinations you can choose to tie the knot at and get your “happily ever after”, and none of them is unavailable. Just grab the person you love by the hand, and go and say “I do”, “Si”, “Oui”…

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