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The High Life in a Dubai Marina penthouse

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Last Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Are you looking for an apartment and you can’t sacrifice the peace, comfort, and privacy that sur suburban houses in the city offer you? Then it’s the perfect time for you to consider a penthouse.

The saying your house in the sky is referring to a penthouse. It merely means the uppermost place of an apartment, and it is known to be different from other flats because of the luxury features. It doesn’t occupy the entire roof deck, but just some part of it and most penthouse are being accessed through the use of an elevator.

What does High life in a Dubai marina penthouse offers?


One of the vital things you get to enjoy with living on the top floor is privacy. If you are the type that doesn’t love noise and cherish to do things privately, the penthouse is the best place to be. The apartment keeps you away from the bustle and sound of the lower floor. The elevated height makes it quite difficult for anyone to know what going on there has so with that, you can choose to leave your window open without worrying about anyone trying to pry.

Benefits of location

Living on the roof doesn’t mean you wouldn’t know what is going on around you. The fact remains that you get to see things before other does. You are on top of the roof, and the things those living on the floor part can’t see will be seen by you. The freshness of the air on top of the roof can’t be compared to that you get on the floor. While on the roof, you have tremendous and perfect view of the community coupled with the serene atmosphere.

Live Amidst luxury

Perhaps you think all that the penthouse offers is privacy, you might end up being wrong with that. With penthouse, you have access to panoramic view all around you depending on the community where you own a property. If you have a property in a community like the emirates hills, you have access to luxury and a gorgeous view of the community with all the light and fresh air and your private lifestyle to yourself. For those who are convinced the penthouse lifestyle is one that suits them and their family, click here now to check out some of the penthouses and luxury apartments for sale in Dubai Marina to choose the one that suits your style.

High tech service

The penthouse isn’t to deprive you of entertainment and the fun of the city. It is why most penthouse especially that of the marina is renovated with quality media equipment, sound systems, lighting and the amazing part is that all can be controlled via a smart home system on your iPad. Doesn’t that sound so good you? You can control things around you right from your Ipad. It has a cinema room on the top floor too for football lovers, and with 24 hours maximum security, you have no cause to worry about anything.

You have all the space to yourself

Penthouse gives you the platform to have all the whole area to yourself without distraction and from your surroundings. You get to decide what you intend doing with the space you have. Some penthouses have a swimming pool, some equipped with an elevator and private entrance, fireplace, terrace garden, well-vaulted ceilings, and cinema.

No home heating required in winters

Although it is not too apparent to residents who live on the penthouse, living on penthouses, help you pay less for home heating during winter because since you have your home located on the top of the building, the heat generated by the lower apartments, will rise naturally to heat the penthouse. By so doing, you don’t have to pay for any heating services and that will help you save some cash for some other things during winter.


The penthouse is the best choice for those who desire to have a spacious outdoor area without spending too much on acquiring a property with all the amenities needed. Penthouse offers more than what some houses can which is why it’s now the choice of those who love to live a private lifestyle without being disturbed by anyone.

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