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Interesting Cities In A Europe Tour

To help you plan your next Europe trip, we’ve rounded up a few cities with a right blend of everything that you would like to see and experience.

Barcelona – Barcelona is a very appealing city and is a major touristic place. The city is rich with traditional and architectural monuments.

Paris – Paris is a no brainer, it is a beautiful city filled with monuments, churches and museums.

Rome – Rome is rich in historical sites such as Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica and am ust see for all the travelers.

Berlin – Berlin has everything that an urban city has. The buzzing night life, fine dining, fashion and superb and innovative museums.

Budapest – Its an interesting city to visit and is budget friendly too with its cheap food and lodging facility. The city is rich from cultural pint of view.

Lisbon- Lisbon is place which is very expensive to get to but once your there its very affordable with cheap food, lodging and attractions.

London – London’s a place that has everything. The world class museum the British Museum and the Tower of London are the biggest attractions. Eating fish and chips in a local pub is all a part of a London trip. However the hotel prices are quite up which makes a long vacation a bit of a scary affair!

Madrid: Visiting Madrid is affordable and fun. Once your in the city you cant escape but to experience the local culture. The main attractions are the Retiro Park and museums like the Prado. Madrid is also known for its delicious Tapas.

Hope you have an amazing tour!

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