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Know the top spots to visit in Europe

Professional travelers could easily pick Italy and Greece as the top spots to visit in Europe, especially with these countries’ laid-back culture, delicious cuisine, and ancient attractions. 

Even with the numerous tourists visiting these wonderful places, there are still corners in these countries that the travelling masses haven’t discovered yet.

The Lonely Planet has recently released their 2014 Best in Europe List, which includes Greece and Italy. This publication has asked writers, editors, travellers and explorers to come up with ten destinations in Europe that is relatively new to travellers’ ears. These places must be rich in history, culture, tradition, food, and architecture. The places include villages that offer breathtaking views, Mediterranean island locations, and even a one of a kind beer town.

Lonely Planet Managing Destination Editor Noirin Hegarty said they have included in the list places that would be exciting for travellers to discover. This list is not just about introducing new places, but reintroducing certain places.

  1. First on the list is Greece with places such as Santorini, the archaeological site of Akrotiri, and the ancient buried Minoan city.
  2. Next is Ljubljana, Slovenia, which gives you an eternal street party with its rich nightlife scene.
  3. Southwest England, UK, is a place that can make you feel like medieval knights princesses while riding on your bicycle across the English countryside.
  4. Italy is a place of culture, tradition and history. People think of Venice, Florence and Rome when they visit the country. But tourists can also go to Veneto, Umbria, Puglia and more.
  5. Viking Denmark is a place where you can train your dragon. You can learn about the Vikings first hand in Denmark.
  6. Seville, Spain is the capital of the Andalucia region. Here you can see authentic flamenco shows.
  7. Outer Hebrides, Scotland is a mystic place of wildflower, lochs, rugged hills, and white beaches.
  8. Plzen, Czech Republic is best experienced when you visit the St. Bartholomew’s spire in the Gothic church.
  9. Stavanger, Norway has some two dozen museums and give you a small-town feel.
  10. Toulouse, France this is the most underrated and beautiful city in France.

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