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  • America’s Most Beloved Small-Town Restaurants

    Travel Ideas

    America’s Most Beloved Small-Town Restaurants

    These restaurants are in the middle of nowhere. That notwithstanding, they are known to serve up extraordinary food and tend to offer lots of character too. Patit Creek Restaurant Dan A. Nelson, an outdoors writer, describes Patit Creek Restaurant... Read More

  • Best vehicles for Tailgating

    Travel Ideas

    Best vehicles for Tailgating

    Parties come and go and it is just natural to have the best out of them. Many people think only of the foods, drinks and the locations and they forget one of the most important things for the best... Read More

  • Coolest Border-Crossing Walking Tour

    Travel Ideas

    Take The Coolest Border-Crossing Walking Tour Across These Countries

    Walking may sound exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be especially if you consider the health benefit you derive from it. Apart from that there are stunning vistas, luxurious accommodations, and cultures that you can enjoy in the course... Read More

  • Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Africa

    Travel Ideas

    The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Africa

    You can’t claim to have toured Africa if you have not visited these amazing tourist destinations. From Kenya, Egypt, Tanzania to South Africa, these places are a must visit for you. Omo River Region in Ethiopia This region is... Read More

  • Scariest Kayaking Descents

    Travel Ideas

    The Scariest Kayaking Descents In The World

    Descending over a waterfall in a kayak and staying in while you’ve gone over is the biggest challenge. It is a risky affair that is not meant for people with weak hearts. At some falls you may find yourself... Read More

  • Travel Ideas

    The Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels In The World

    Want a place where you can comfortably unwind after accomplishing that daunting task or just to have best experience of a lifetime, pack your luggage and head straight to one of these hotels. Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi) This hotel... Read More

  • Travel Ideas

    The 5 World’s Scariest Stairs You Need To Visit

    If you are acrophobic better keep off these stairs, if you aren’t, they will provide you with a very amazing experience and a spectacular view of the world below. They require the heart of steel, though. And when you... Read More

  • Virginia’s Caverns

    Travel Ideas

    Virginia’s Caverns, A Must Visit For Tourists

    The Virginia’s caverns are found in the Shenandoah Valley which sits on a limestone base. Limestone is a very soft rock. It dissolves when it gets into contact with rain water. This is because rain water is acidic and... Read More

  • Best Night Time Vacation Spot

    Travel Ideas

    Top 5 World’s Best Night Time Vacation Spot

    There is simply something romantic, enchanting and mysterious in the night. There are vacation destinations that make night time so much better than it already is. The Big Island in the Kona Coast of Hawaii has giant manta rays... Read More

  • Travel Vacation Destinations

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    5 Craziest Travel Vacation Destinations

    There are a lot of travel suggestions you can find from agencies, magazines, and online. But if you really want to try something different, then you should take a truly one-of-a-kind vacation. Here are some of the craziest and... Read More