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Seven Gadgets You Must Have If You’re A Frequent Traveller

Technology has made great advances and is evolving every day. But carrying gadgets on travel is quite a challenge when there strict baggage allowances. Deciding what to carry and what not to is a mind boggling task so here’s our pick of gadgets that are small and light weight for you to carry almost everywhere.

1. Universal Adapter : if you’re someone who makes frequent international trips then you know how useful an adaper is. These days adapters come with multiple USB ports so you don’t have to carry charger for your phones or tablet separately.

2. Wi-fi Router and Ethernet cable: There are many hotels that charge if you use their wi-fy connection and the charges are most of the time quite high. Its always wise to carry a router of own so that you enjoy internet everywhere you go to. Hotels normally do not charge for the Ethernet cable but it doesn’t hurt to carry one of your won.

3. Extension Board: We all know we have a hard time charging our phones as the hotel rooms never have enough power points and if there are they are always in the wrong places. It’s always better to carry your own extension board to fix the problem, I prefer the circular boards with retractable wire.

4. Headphones: Invest in a good noise cancelling head phones which will help you avoid all the unnecessary noise that you otherwise have to bear while travelling.

5. E-book reader: Carry an e-book reader that has an endless battery life making it the ultimate companion during the long delays at the airports.

6. Entertainment on the go: If you’re somebody who loves to watch movies and TV shows wherever you go to then carrying an Apply Tv is a great idea. That makes you watch your favorite shows on the 40 something inch TV your hotel room probably has.

7. Battery bank: While many trains, planes and even buses that now provide power sockets which you use to charge your phones there are many train, planes and busses that do not offer this! So, carrying a portable battery bank is advisable. You can charge your phone wherever and whenever.

If you wish to carry your laptop then prefer carrying the lightweight MACBook Air that comes without a hard-disk drive which means you’ll save a lot of time at the airport security check as you do not have to take the thing out of your bag.



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