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Stay Safe On Travel

Travelling can be fun, tiring, boring, exciting, hectic or enjoyable but what if the journey ends up to be a nightmare when you realize you’ve been pick-pocketed? I think that would be the worst feeling ever and can overpower other feelings for sure. Every year travelers fall prey to the clever tricks of the thieves.

Here are few safety-warnings I keep in mind when I travel, sharing so that you may also benefit by them:

The best way from being cheated is by doing a thorough research about the place you’re going to. Find out about the bad parts of the city you’re going to and ask the hotel staff where you put up to help you with more specific information. Consult official agencies and count on magazines and newspapers to help you with impartial information.

Never accept any food or drink from strangers as this is a common trick played by the robbers. The food or drink may contain drugs that can knock you down giving them a good chance to steal everything you’ve got.

Always put your wallet in your front pocket and tie it with a rubber band and if possible you may also attach it to your clothing with a chain.

Hope your travels are happy and successful always.

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