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5 Stylish Ways to Pack Your Suitcase Efficiently & Perfectly

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Last Updated: Nov 9, 2018

At some point in life, you are bound to go for a trip. It might be a business trip or just a vacation. For some people, trips happen every other day; for others it’s a rare occurrence. Whichever type of travelling you may be doing, packing will definitely be there. For most people, this is the most dramatic part. Sometimes you may carry too much stuff. Other times, you find that you have left essential things. How then do you ensure that you carry just enough things and avoid any packing drama? Below we look at some ways you can easily achieve this:

1. Have everything you need in a list

The idea behind a list is to provide a reminder for the things you need for the trip. It will come in handy when you thought you had a brilliant memory and disappointingly enough, it turns out you don’t. It will also make packing these things easier without leaving anything behind. Draw a list before you start packing so you can pick all those items from their respective locations in no time and don’t waste time.

2. Pick the most essential stuff

The reason why most people over pack is because they tend to prioritize the less important things and forego what is necessary. From your list, pick all the items you have written and lay them on the bed. From this stuff reduce those that aren’t that necessary. For instance, a shirt, or blouse, that you know has no chance of being worn within the trip is best left behind. You will be guided majorly by the weather of the place you are visiting as well as the extent of your stay. For example, experts say that you don’t need more than three pairs of shoes when travelling. If your trip demands more, pick the lightest from your collection. Also, go for colors that can be worn with most outfits that you have packed. In addition, have a base color for most of the garments you carry. White or black, as a base color, works magic.

Base Color

3. Know what to Roll and what to Fold

Folding all your clothes will consume more space than when you roll. It also ensures that they arrive at the destination with no wrinkles. But then again, not all clothes can be folded. The texture of the materials is what will guide you. For instance, soft, wrinkle resistant ones are best rolled. Don’t roll loosely as this will make them have wrinkles irrespective of the material. The stiff garments on the other hand should be folded. Both rolling and folding work synergistically to help you put everything you need in your suitcase in an orderly manner.

4. Know the right Bag to use

There is nothing more disastrous than travelling with a lot of luggage. It’s even more stressful when you are moving them from one point to another no matter how small the distance is. If the stuff you are carrying is a lot, have a bigger bag instead of a number of small ones. However, ensure it is not too big such that you are barely navigating your way through crowded places. If you are travelling by air, research early on the carry-on size limits that they have. Alternatively, consult your friends who travel often if you are unsure of what to do.

Right Bag

5. Pack In Layers

The bottom part should hold the shoes and undergarments. Put as many undergarments as you need for the trip inside the shoes and place them at the bottom. In some way, a bit of space is conserved here. It also saves you embarrassing moments in case the suitcase opens (or is opened) in public. Above the shoes, place the heavier rolled stuff followed by the lighter rolled items. Any other fragile items you on may be having should be placed between the two. After these two, have your folded garments. Last but not least place your toiletries bag on top and you are done. Any idle space is where you should cram things like belts, socks and the likes.

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Travelling is fun when you take with you all the stuff you need. The hacks above will help have an easy time while packing and reduce the drama that arises when you are looking for items that you aren’t sure of where you placed. Don’t forget to carry some remedies for unexpected ailments and/or accidents that may arise in the course of the trip. This way, you won’t need to rush to the drug store (that possibly you don’t know the location) during the night, for medicines and the likes. Pack things that can leak with caution to avoid damaging your garments. Above all, don’t stash your money in the suitcase. Things get lost, remember?

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