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The Best Drinks On Flights – Bloody Mary and Tomato Juice!

Most of the people I know prefer to have Bloody Mary or tomato juice during flights. The bizarre thing is, they never order it otherwise but only on the plane they have the urge of it. Science has proven this strange craving that happens only on the plane.

The studies show that Bloody Marry actually tastes the way it is supposed to only in the air. Previous studies show that loud noise affect our taste buds, the noise reduces our ability to taste flavors up to 30%. But other studies say that loud noise may even boost some of the other basic tastes.

” Umami” is a fifth taste after the four basic tastes which we are all aware of – ” salty” , “bitter” , “sweet” and “sour”. This new taste, “umami” is said to get awaken during air travels which results in cravings for tomato based drinks.

Spence et al suggest the reason behind the popularity of tomato juices on flights. It says tomatoes are rich in umami. This also helps chefs plan the meals for travellers. An umami rich menu would include – parmesan cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes off course. This would do good to all the vocal restaurant critics specially of North America who often complain about the background noise in many restaurants.

So what’s your favorite in-flight drink?

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