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Prepare Yourself for the Most Annoying Airport Rules and Policies

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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Travelling whether for leisure or work can be very stressful especially if you will be riding a plane. Aside from unexpected delays and cancelled flights, there are massive crowds at certain airports especially during the holidays and other special events. What makes matters a lot worse is the endless list of irritating travel rules that seem to have been made just to make your bad experience more memorable. Before you hop on that plane for your trip, make sure to pack a lot of patience and prepare yourself for these annoying travel rules.

Full Body Scans

Gone are the days of zipping through security checks. Today, security personnel will be able to see practically everything. It is like allowing them to take a look at you completely naked. This is completely invasive but full-body imaging technology allows airport security to detect hidden weapons and explosives a lot better than metal detectors.

Removing Your Shoes at Security

Shoes at Security

It is a requirement to remove your shoes before you enter the screening technology. This is surely among TSA’s most annoying safety procedures of all time. This safety procedure is especially irritating if you are wearing shoes with laces or winter boots which takes time to remove and put back on. The next time you’re traveling, it would just be better to wear flip flops.

The Opening of Wrapped Gifts

If you’re brining gifts for your trip, remember not to wrap your gifts until after your flight. Although security officers can use the X-ray machine to see what’s inside your gift, they would obviously prefer to open the gift and see with their own eyes. I guess it is one of the perks of their job, to open a gift every single day.


If you’re one of the lucky many people at an airport, you will be subject to one of the most embarrassing experiences of your life. The infamous pat-down is a time honoured tradition at airports. Even children are not exempted from this type of harassment if a metal detector is set off. If you do not want to experience this embarrassing airport tradition, clean out your pockets and leave all metals at home.

Laptops are Now Checked

If you are planning to take your work with you during your travel or just want to watch movies with it, take note that laptops are now scanned separately and removed from their cases. This adds about 10 to 15 minutes to your security screening. If you don’t think it is worth the hassle, it would be best to leave your laptop at home.

Big Laptops Are Not Allowed but Small Laptops are Okay

TSA regulations state that 13 inch laptops must come out but 11 inch laptops can be left inside your bag. Does this mean the extra couple of inches will go a long way in smuggling illegal items? The knowledge of policy along with enforcement can also vary from one airport to another so all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Turn Off All Electronics

Turn Off All Electronics

One of the top complaints of airline passengers is the policy to turn off all electronic devices before the flight begins. There is still a lot of debate regarding the effect of electronics on the airplane’s flight equipment. Until the theory of electronics interference of electronic devices is proven or disproven, just turn off your smartphone or set it to airplane mode.

Only Hidden Drinks are Safe

Taking any beverage with you is a no-no so you better not buy anything at the airport. There are some hubs overseas that even have a second security check to make sure you can’t bring a bottle of water or Coke on your trip. However, most do not conduct full bag searches so you can get away with it if it is not visible. This means you just need to shove your bottle in your backpack and take it out once you’re on board. Does this mean putting it in your backpack makes it completely safe?

Water Is Bad but It’s Okay Frozen

According to TSA rules, completely frozen liquids are allowed. This means that a bottle of water will be confiscated but you can bring it with you if it is frozen. And their explanation: Rules are rules buddy!

Online Reservation and Picking a Set Can Cost Extra

Airlines can charge an extra $9 to $18 to book flights (one-way) online or through a phone. If you book at an airport window, you won’t have to pay this fee. This is ridiculous since in-person ticket booking means more expense for the airline while online reservation saves them money. The said airline also charges up to $50 to reserve a specific seat ahead of time for your flight.

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