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Best rooftop bars all around the world

High altitude places may not be the most ideal places to get drunk but it certainly does not stop tourists and patrons to flock the world’s best rooftop bars.

If you’re looking for spectacular views and stylish settings, the rooftop bars listed below are the world’s best.

  1. The London, Hollywood. The London Hotel located in West Hollywood California is not only ideal for nighttime soirees. Since it has a panoramic, unobstructed view of Hollywood hills and the Pacific Ocean, this place is ideal for daytime parties or lounging under the sun as well. At night it is a glamorous hang out place. At day it is a lounge place with big, private cabanas.
  2. Rock Bar, Bali. Technically it is a bar located at the top of a rock, not on a roof. But it does not stop this cool hang out place to be included in the list because it is right above the blue Indian Ocean. It is the most perfect place to watch the sun go down.
  3. Sky Bar at Sirocco, Bangkok. You can’t leave Thailand without hanging out in its most iconic man-made marvel and you can’t say you did everything you can in Bangkok until you have been at its Sky Bar. It’s been called by The New York Times as “the most stunning rooftop bar you’ll ever see”.
  4. Top Mountain Star, Wurmkogel Mountain. If you fancy skiing in very challenging terrains, try the Austrian Alps.  Once you made it to the top, you deserve sustenance drinks offered in this rooftop bar.
  5. Ku De Ta, Singapore. An open-air bar is not so bad in a hot place like Singapore. If you want to enjoy a public observation deck, don’t miss the Sky Bar, which is located atop.
  6. Aer, Mumbai. If you want to leave the noise of Mumbai, go to Aer. You can enjoy discounted drinks or enjoy different music as its in house DJ plays different genres set to calm or liven your mood. 

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