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Changing Travel Trends At The Heathrow Airport

Travelling by Air will never be like before for all you transatlantic travelers.

If you’re travelling any time after June 3 by United Airways to Heathrow, be prepared to arrive at the new Terminal 2 which is set to make its debut on 4th June 2014. According to the planners, the brand new Terminal will have everything that you wish it would have. The Terminal would have an all-day dining concept, a spa, a bar and a shopping lounge.

At the shopping lounge you’ll be assisted with guides. A passenger who doesn’t understand English will have no trouble in communicating as the guides stationed there are fluent in 55 languages.

Vips can have their passport formalities done away from the crowd. They can comfortably wait at the private lounge. Before security check one can also order from Yo Shushi via Twitter. The parcel can be collected after the security check.

An iconic new restaurant at the new Terminal named ‘Wondertree’ looks like one of the most looked forward concept among the other concepts by the Heathrow passengers.

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