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Chinese Creating Chaos In The Chiang Mai University

One of Thailand’s top university is under security threat and yes you’re wrong if you’re thinking it’s because of terrorists, it’s against the Chinese tourists!

The Chiang Mai University was in a way attacked by thousands of Chinese tourists. They boarded the student buses at the university, created a mess in the canteen and also slipped into the classes to attend lectures. Some also went a step further by setting up tents by a beautiful lake.

The first homegrown hit Chinese movie “Lost in Thailand” a 2012 comedy show was partly shot in the university campus, which becomes a reason why the above madness occurred! Individual Visitors are restricted from entering the campus. Visitors can enter into the campus through a single gate that’s guarded by Mandarin speaking volunteers who guide the visitors to a line of vehicles for guided tours. There’s a sign board written in Chinese that asks the visitors to produce their passports at the main gate.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, people from mainland China tops the world chart on travelling; leaving behind the Americans and the Germans in 2012 , the Chinese becomes the most extravagant lot when it comes to travelling. Over 100 million Chinese travellers are expected to go aboard this year, according to the report.

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