Travel Updates

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    Travel Updates

    Chinese Creating Chaos In The Chiang Mai University

    One of Thailand’s top university is under security threat and yes you’re wrong if you’re thinking it’s because of terrorists, it’s against the Chinese tourists! The Chiang Mai University was in a way attacked by thousands of Chinese tourists.... Read More

  • Why Has Travelling Escalated?

    Travel Updates

    Why Has Travelling Escalated?

    People travel a lot these days than they did a few years back. Have you ever wondered why it is so? What are the travel benefits that travelers get? We will find out these answers in my article below.... Read More

  • Cruises in Europe

    Travel Updates

    2015 Celebrity Cruises in Europe!

    People planning to cruise understands that it not like a normal holiday trip in most cases and one has to book the ticket almost 18 months before, which indicates it is impossible to book early. One main reason why... Read More

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