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The Lost Island

Many of you may not be aware that an island named Raiatea actually exists. It’s an island which is isolated but homes some of the most significant archeological sites.

Raiatea is known as a ‘secret island’ and the word Raiatea actually means ‘far away heaven’.

The island is known to have been established around 1000AD and this ancient island has an area of 167 square kilometers. In ancient times this island was regarded as the center of the entire eastern island and that’s because it was the island from which all of eastern Polynesia was colonized. According to the historical records the first king of Riatea was Hiro who had built a huge canoa to connect the island to the other Polynesian islands. Post that many priests and other navigators came to the island to perform religious activities like offerings and sacrifices to gods and other ceremonies.

In ancient times during the time of King Hiro, many sacrifices were made in the name of god. Oro, the war god was said to demand human sacrifices. The locals used to perform human sacrifices in the name of god and the archeologists have recently discovered human bones beneath the grand altar.

The volcanic island is bizarrely barren of many wildlife species. The only animals that exist on the island are dogs, horses and rats that were brought by humans only. Marine life is rich with over 500 species of fish.

A flower called Tiare Apetahi that grows no where on the Earth is found on Mount Temehani.

You can get to Tahiti from Australia through the Air Tahiti Nui that operates thrice weekly.

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