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Traveling the delicious palaces – Vienna

No other cities in Europe can provide you that luxurious weekend like Vienna.

Local waiters may describe this place as a city of waltz and whipped cream, with amazing culture and paramount confectionery, or the art of making desserts rich in luscious sugar and carbohydrates.

You can experience the 18th-century “Hofzuckerbäckerei” Demel pastry shop or the Café Central. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a writer and traveller in 1716 even described the place as almost entirely made out of “delicious palaces.” After centuries, people can still experience that sweetness she meant.

These days, the major challenge is where to stay. You can try the Sachers or the Imperial, but you might be overwhelmed by the disdainful pride that the grandes dames impress.

Just recently, there are some international brands that opened. You can visit the Sofitel Vienna, which is located in the Uniqua building of Praterstrasse, which has an intricate Jean Nouvel design. The structure has 45,000 little LED blocks that will give you a psychedelic display of lights during the night.

You can also experience true European elegance at the 5-star Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna in Schottenring. Another luxury hotel located is the Park Hyatt, which is located in the heart of Vienna. The Park Hyatt used to be the Hapsburg-era bank headquarters. The place is just a two-minute walk to Kohlmarkt.

Kohlmarkt means “cabbage market,” but don’t let the name fool you. This place is the most expensive shopping street of the city. This is a stretch of various luxury labels mixed with Sezessionist botiques like Mans, a gilded bookshop designed in 1912 by Adolf Loos. One of the many oligarchs who have a small living property in this place is Roman Abramovich.

One of the best places you can stay at is the new addition to the five-star hotels in the place called Sans Souci. This neoclassical building has 62 rooms and is near the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the MuseumsQuartuer.

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