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Unusual Surfing Spots in the World

Surf Snowdonia will open on summer of 2015 at Wale’s Conwy Valley. It will have a lagoon that stretches 300 meters long, an inland that covers up to 10 miles, and artificial waves. If you can’t wait for this first ever man-made surfing spot to open, then there are other unusual surfing sports in the world you can visit, except for one.

  1. Pororoca, Brazil. The name means “great roar” and it has a competition every March to April called the National Pororoca Surfing championship. It is where the great Amazon River and the Atlantic Ocean meet.


  1. Standing Wave, Munich. This surfing spot is for professionals and 100 surfers ride the wave each day at the Eisbach River. This can be found on the body of water that passes through Englischer Garten, the city center of Munich.


  1. Habitat 67, Montreal. The standing wave of the St. Lawrence River is made by a depression from the bottom of the river. It is located at Marc Drouin Quay in the city center of Montreal.


  1. Severn Bore, Gloucestershirre, UK. Ride waves that rise up to 2.8 meters here and get a hang time that lasts for five miles. Go to the village of Minsterworth and head straight to Severn Bore pub on Main Street, which is the main entry point to this surf spot.


  1. Lake Michigan, United States. Surf season here is from June to August and surfable days last for only 10 days a month. Go the eastern part of the lake, where the best surf spots are.


  1. Antarctica. Red Bull athlete Ramon Navarro is the first and only known person so far to surf these waves. Unless you’re a sponsored professional athlete, then it would be impossible for you to access this risky surf spot.


Here are other honourable mentions:

  • Skeleton Coast, Namibia
  • Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Arabian Sea, Oman
  • Busua Beach, Ghana
  • Reykjanes, Iceland

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