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Upcoming New Generation World Wonders

There are new astounding attractions all over the world that are expected to awe people in the next generations to come. They are all cleverly designed to function as a tourist attracting man-made structure. All of them are fascinating; and all of them futuristic.

  • House of Peace. Architects in Denmark are planning to build a vast floating sculpture that looks like a cloud in Copenhagen. There, people can sail into the mega structure’s interior. After completion it will immediately become an international landmark and it will rake in countless tourists.House+of+Peace
  • Pheonix Towers. The tallest twin towers in the world will rise up to 3,280 feet in Wuhan, China with kaleidoscope features and floating restaurants situated in giant globes.Tallest+towers
  • Garden Bridge. Thomas Heatherwick proposes to build lush parkland over Thames, which hopefully will be done by
  • Sea Orbiter. This oceanic observation vessel has already raised funds for its development and some of its first passengers are those that helped in the fundraising efforts. It is set to chart unexplored waters.SeaOrbiter
  • 2020 World Expo. Since Dubai is home to some of the world’s most unconventional giant construction projects, it is chosen to host the prestigious 2020 World Expo. They are now planning to build the amazing structure for the event.Dubai+Expo
  • Dubai’s Mall of the World. This will also be completed in 2020. This is a giant mall considered as a city within a city. It will have 100 hotels, a theme part and a theatre district.Malloftheworld
  • Floating City. To solve the problem of rapid population growth and the rising of sea levels, China will build a floating city, which will have a theme park, underwater hotels, and museums.Floating+City

Honorable Mentions:

  • 19th Century Gustav Eiffel-designed Bridge
  • Olympic Sized Pool in New York’s Hudson River
  • Spaceport America
  • Water Discuss underwater hotel
  • Frame Hotel
  • Al Fayah Park
  • Phoenix Observation Tower
  • Dubai’s Zayed National Museum

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