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Using These bizarre Air travel accessories will irritate other passengers

Air travel may take several hours if you are going very far. This may lead to a lot of discomfort. Some accessories have been designed for your comfort but the problem is that while using them, you will drive other passengers bonkers. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Knee Defender


This is meant to protect your knees against reclining airplane seats. By preventing the person in front of you from reclining his/or her seat, you will never be friends.



This one was designed to increase the passenger’s privacy for reading, sleeping or eating. Problem is, the accessory must be looped around the seat in front of you which causes great annoyance to the person on the seat.

Ostrich Pillow


Using this contraction can simply mean you are either slightly unstable or you are super-confident. So the other passengers, even if annoyed, would certainly not complain that you are blocking their view of the window.

Seatback Travel Organizer


This was designed for the organized traveler, but unless you are moving into seat 16E, is there any reason why a flyer should need that much stuff on a plane?



This is surely a great idea to protect you against germs. But if you have it on and the fellow travelers don’t, it will be a source of annoyance. When you pull it out and slip it on your tray, your neighbor will be reminded of how dirty their tray is and you need to be prepared for some dirty looks.

Beam N Read LED Light


If the overhead light is not enough for your reading, you can use this gadget. The problem is that as the LED light illuminates your book, it will simultaneously blind your neighbor.

Plane Sheets


This one will even give you a lot of trouble trying to fit it in.

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