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Wackiest Theme Parks in America

Theme parks take you to a whole different universe. These places make imaginations come true. Here is where crazy things are. Some theme parks stand out from the rest for being a little too crazy.

Here are the wackiest theme parks in America:

  • Diggerland. In West Berlin, N.J, you can experience how it is like being a miner. Besides digging, you can also enjoy their Spin Dizzy ride, where you climb on a backhoe’s mouth and then it lifts and spins you.
  • Action Park. After being closed in 1996 for claiming six lives, “America’s most dangerous theme park” of Vernon, N.J., is now back. Its dangerous rides are revamped to ensure safety, but people still find these rides pretty scary.
  • Tweetsie Railroad Wild West Theme Park. If you want to relive the cowboy and Indian games in the past, you definitely have to visit this place in Bowling Rock, N.C.
  • Gatorland. Theme parks usually don’t allow you to feed animals. However, in this Orlando, Fla. park, with supervision from the experts, you don’t just get to feed the alligators; you can also take picture right beside them.
  • Holy Land Experience. You don’t have to travel to the Middle East just to experience the Holy Land; there is a version of that site here in Orlando, Florida.
  • Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. If the name is not wacky enough, go to Spring Hill, Fla. and see mermaid shows and synchronized swimming.
  • Paul Bunyan Land. Remember the movie “Fargo?” It features a replica of a giant eponymous statue with the Blue Ox Motel. That statue can be seen in this park in Brainerd, Minn.
  • Fair Oaks Farms Dairy Adventure. If you want to see cows giving birth, better head to this theme park in Fair Oaks, Ind.

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