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Fall traveling: Ways to travel well and in style

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Last Updated: Nov 9, 2018

A wise person once said that traveling is the kind of experience which leaves you speechless, then turn you into a storyteller. The truth is that there is no better thing out there than traveling, discovering new places, meeting people who belong to a different culture and growing as a person. If you are planning on traveling this fall, we have some pretty great tips to offer. We will teach you how to travel well and in style, enjoying yourself to the fullest. And, remember, “to travel is to live” (Hans Christian Andersen).

#1 Watch out for the luggage

When you first begin to pack your suitcase, you might be tempted to pack more things than are necessary. However, you have to constantly remind yourself that you will actually have to carry that luggage at some point. It is essential to choose quality luggage, preferably one has different compartments, in order to access everything in a more facile manner. Keep in mind that luggage can get easily lost at the airport, especially if you have carried a lot of bags. Try to fit only essentials items in your luggage and you won’t have to worry about carrying it around or, worst, losing it. Plus, you will look fashionable with the right luggage.

#2 Layers, the best way to dress

During your travels, you might be surprised at how easily the weather changes. In the same day, you can see sun, rain and wind, all of these weather elements requiring different clothes. For this reason, it is recommended to dress in layers, having a raincoat and an umbrella as essential accessories. Dressing in layers is also recommended for the situation you are traveling to a new destination, without knowing how the weather is going to be like. Keep in mind that it is always easier to take clothes off, rather than put them on. Plus, you might not have access to your luggage at all times, so keeping more layers on is the smart thing to do. Just make sure to plan your layers ahead, so that you look stylish and not disorganized. After all, you want to travel in style, right?

#3 Comfort above all else

Comfort above all else
If you were to take a quick look around an airport, you would quickly see how many people are dressed in uncomfortable outfits. Just because you want to travel in style, this does not mean you should force yourself to feel uncomfortable. You have to strike a balance between comfort and style, so that you look and feel good at the same time. Keep in mind that you will spend a couple of hours, perhaps even more, in the same seat. For this reason, it is especially recommended to wear comfortable shoes and switch to more elegant shoes, after you have reached your destination. Your feet will be thankful for that decision.

#4 Leave expensive items at home

If you have expensive jewelry, it is not recommended to take it with you, no matter how stylish you might want to appear in the eyes of others. Expensive jewelry can get easily lost or stolen, not to mention it will put you at risk. When you are in a foreign country, people easily notice tourists and the expensive items they are wearing or carrying. Instead, it is recommended to choose less expensive jewelry for your travels, in order to keep the risk of theft or loss at a minimum. And, remember, the same goes for expensive cameras. Instead of carrying something big around, for everyone to see, it is for the best to choose a compact version, preferably with a strap to keep around the hand.

#5 Sunglasses as essential accessories

Sunglasses as essential accessories
Sunglasses are essential accessories, as they protect you against the harmful action of the sun and reduce the risk of premature aging (in the eye area). But they are also a clear sign you are a fashion diva, prepared to look great at all times. So, next time you are going to travel and you get your accessories ready, do not forget about sunglasses. They can be easily matched to a wide range of outfits, allowing you to look interesting in the eyes of others.

These are some of our tips, destined to help you travel in style this fall, and look great for your wonderful destination. As you have seen, it is always great to go for luggage that is easy to carry and avoid wearing expensive items, as these can be stolen. Dressing in layers can protect you against uncertain weather elements, while comfortable clothes can ensure a pleasant journey, no matter how many hours you might have to spend in a plane. Last, but not least, sunglasses represent essential accessories to have and wear, protecting your eyes against the sun and making you look even more fantastic at the same time!

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