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Why Visit Africa’s Lesser-Known Malawi

Malawi is one of the lesser-known tourist destinations in Africa. Though it may not have many visitors compared to its neighbouring countries, it is still a very special place to go. Its temperature and its friendly locals earned it the nickname “Warm heart of Africa.”

Here are the major reasons why you should visit Malawi now:

Stunning Sunset. In the local language, Malawi means “flames of fire.” The name is deprived from its breathtaking sunsets. Besides its sunset view, other natural wonders Malawi offers are the beautiful waters of Monkey Bay, Mulmanje Massif’s incredible rock formations and more.140806154208-malawi-sunset-horizontal-gallery

Lake Malawi. Its namesake lake is 30,000 square kilometres wide, making it Africa’s third largest lake. This UNESCO World Heritage site has more than 1,000 species of fish. Since 99 percent of the fishes are endemic to the place, most of these species evolved in this place, making it an evolutionist’s heaven.140806154631-boat-liwonde-park-malawi-horizontal-gallery

The Big Five. The Majete Wildlife Reserve is the first safari park back in 2012 after nine years of restocking the place with big game, which costs $2.5 million. This place can give you a peaceful safari experience since it is not as crowded as Tanzania or Zambia.140806153713-hippos-southern-malawi-horizontal-gallery

David Livingstone’s Zambezi Expedition. One of the things that makes Malawi famous is how Scottish explorer David Livingstone embarked on the legendary Zambezi Expedition in the mid-1800s through the country. He sailed through Shire River to the Lake Malawi. If you go this place, you can experience his expedition.140806154417-malawi-bird-horizontal-gallery

Experience the Rural Life. At most,85 percent of the 15 million locals in Malawi live in rural areas. People in many of these isolated villages still live traditionally. They live in huts made out of brick, grass and mud. Their main source of living is agriculture, including sugar, coffee, tobacco and tea. They grow maize, which is an ingredient of entoba or sweet beer. 140807120120-malawi-kids-inside-africa-show-entertain-feature

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