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10 Tips On How Women Can Be Safe While Traveling

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Last Updated: Dec 13, 2017

Women often refrain from traveling alone, believing it to be unsafe or boring. Before reading further, please reply to the main question to yourself: do you really want to go to a specific country or are you just looking for reasons to stay home?
If the answer is «Yes, I want to travel», go ahead! Stick to basic security rules and you’ll get back home safe and sound.

1. Choose the correct destination

Choose a relatively safe country to travel. Countries with a civil war, an Islamic State, mafia clans in power or crowds of hungry criminals out of slums are best to be left for later.

Select a European country, Turkey, Bali Island, United States, Australia and so on: the list can be expanded further, but you get the main idea. Learn the basic questions in local language such as «where is this or that?», «how to pass», and the directions «left», «right», the words «street», «how much», etc.

It’s great if you speak English, but if not, don’t let it become an obstacle on your way to well-deserved holiday. Most locals in countries where English is not the official language do not speak it, and you’ll still have to communicate with them using gestures.

2. Stay in your room in the evenings

2.Stay In Your Room In The Evenings
Plan your itinerary in order to move around the city only during daylight hours. Exceptions may be tourist places, promenades, neighborhoods inhabited by wealthy people.

But if the area you’re staying in is considered «not so friendly», stay home. A nice hotel room with city or sea views and a couple of books will keep you from getting bored.

3. Don’t jump into a maelstrom of passion

In many countries (especially in patriarchal) women traveling alone are always keen to arouse interest among single men. Be careful with men, who are trying to get acquainted with you, keep them at a distance before you get to know each other better.

If they are trying to make you change your route, don’t settle: offer to arrange a meet-up after the trip.

4. Safe movement

It is better to ride public transportation instead of hitchhiking. You can take a taxi from the airport – that much is safe. It is also pretty safe to call a taxi by phone or order a transfer in one of the local travel agencies.

5. Do not let yourself get robbed

Do Not Let Yourself Get Robbed
Carry money in the inner jacket pocket or a bag with a zipper, do not carry a purse that is easy to steal. Do not carry expensive equipment and keep an eye on your belongings in public transport and crowded places.

Try to book a room at least on the second floor: statistically, the most robberies happen in the rooms on the first or ground floor. The higher, the safer.

6. Be careful with people

Keep your eyes open – don’t let anyone deceive you. Don’t show off your money, do not flash any expensive jewelry. This measures will reduce the number of people willing to rob you greatly.

7. Plan your route in order no to stay at the same place for a long time

Firstly, you get bored, secondly, you might become inattentive, thirdly, you can become a target for patient crooks or thieves. Spending 3-4 days in one place is more than enough for an independent traveler.

8. Meet people new people and stick to them

8.Meet People New People
In solo trips you’re most likely not to stay alone – you can easily find new friends, if you want to. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone first, tell them what you saw during your journey, but be quiet about where you are going at first.

This way you might find confederates. Group-travel is cheaper and safer.

9. Don’t forget you’re a woman

New places and impressions are bound to come with a few extra kilos. But do not panic just yet! Make sure you have some diet pills with you (Here’s the list of Top Diet Pills that will help you to stay in shape).

I bet dark circles are the last thing you think about while celebrating Saraswati in Bali. But they’re bound to appear due to alcohol and lack of sleep. So if you want to stay as attractive as always, check out some eye cremes that actually work.

If your phone number is saved under «Mom» at least once, you might want to consider purchasing Cold Plasma Sub-D. This anti-aging treatment will come in handy even after your trip is over.

10. Prepare a good answer to the question: “Why are you here alone?”

Why Are You Here Alone
People get characterized by stereotypes, however, don’t worry: it is absolutely normal to travel alone, it is healthy and safe, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Confidence will help you to win arguments with the doubters and those, convinced to the contrary.

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According to statistics, not only is the majority of all travel decisions made by women, but also the percent of women traveling solo is increasing annually.

Did I dispel all your doubts? If so, pack your bags: it’s time for something unforgettable!

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