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5 Best Tree Houses in The World

You can bring out the child in you as you unwind in secluded, special and luxurious, hotel-like tree houses. Yes, not only children can enjoy tree houses, but stressed out adults can enjoy the relaxation a tree house can give too. Here are five of the best tree houses you can go to in the world:

  1. Châteaux dans les Arbes, France. Created by master tree house builder Rémi, this tree house sits near a ruined stronghold. This tree house is composed of miniature castles, complete with wooden spires, inner courtyard, and a footbridge. This tree house brings you seclusion and enchantment of living in a castle on the trees. This place offers hot tubs in every terrace with the moat of the ruined stronghold as the view of its infinity pool. You can also enjoy the massage and luscious gastronomy that this place has to offer.
  2. Chole Mjini, Tanzania. The name means “Chole City.” With seven tree houses, the place really is a tropical city on the trees of a tropical island in Tanzania. This place provides a sanctuary for people who want to escape the hassles and bustles of the city life. Its seclusion is amazing, with no access to phone, electricity and the road, all you hear is the sound of the ocean wave, which sounds almost the same as the rustling of the leaves.
  3. Bangkok Tree house, Thailand. Despite the fast paced life in Bangkok, you can still find a secluded area here where tranquillity on top of a tree is offered. A tree house sits on top of the Bang Krachao trees near the Chao Phraya River. This place offers you sights of mangrove, fruit trees, palm trees, waterways, rural villages, and mystic temples. The tree house perched high on the trees of this area offers views with a room, complete with roof terraces and living rooms.
  4. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada. As the name suggests, the rooms are spherical, perched on top of a tree with a spiral staircase from the ground. The spherical tree houses are found in a rainforest in Vancouver Island. The tree houses are designed spherically to have minimal effect on the environment.
  5. Bagthorpe Hall, England. This tree house can be found hidden in the middle of looming oaks in a country house ground. These are mini-houses elevated on a tree compete with a king-sized bed, big copper bath, and verandas with amazing views. You can take a stroll in the 50 acres of nature surrounding this tree house.

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