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6 Africa’s Out-Of-This-World Restaurants

Africa offers sumptuous delicacies, but a few of the continent’s restaurants beckons guests for their very unique features. Imagine eating with the sharks, or on top of a safari rock, wouldn’t that be a great experience?

Here are some of Africa’s weirdest restaurants:

  1. The Rock. This restaurant is perched on a rock on the waters of Michanvi Pingwe beach just off Zanzibar’s south-east coast. Witness an incredible view while you feast on fresh food in this restaurant.7 1
  2. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant. This dining place is reputable for its location, which is 10 meters below the ground in a coral cave with naturally-sculpted designs.7 2
  3. Cargo Hold Restaurant. In Durban, you can enjoy eating in a replica ship that has tables next to a shark aquarium. Fancy eating with the sharks?7 3
  4. La Tante DC 10 Restaurant. Eat inside an airplane restaurant in Accra, the capital of Ghana.  7 4
  5. Baobab Tree Bar. Eat at Sunland Baobab Estate’s tree restaurant, which is close to Modjadjiskloof in Limpopo province, South Africa. Yes, you eat inside the trunk of a tree in this restaurant.7 5
  6. The Moonlight Dinner Run. Eat inside old train carriages as you witness views of the majestic Victoria Falls to the Zambezi National Park.7 6

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