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7 of the World’s Finest Hostels

Gone are the days when hostels would shame you for sharing a bathroom with a complete stranger. These days, hostels are consciously designed to accommodate guests who want private en suite rooms. Some of the hostels on this list even offers luxurious extras such as swimming pools or saunas. Check out the world’s most stylish hostels.

  1. wellnessHostel 4000, Saas-Fee. It’s the world’s very first “wellness hostel” located at the Swiss ski village. It offers a modern wellness center featuring a laid back ambiance and you’re going to love it more because accommodation prices is the same with youth hostels.wellnessHostel 4000
  2. Generator, Barcelona. It’s in business for 18 months now with decorations that are easy on the eye. It offers a penthouse with a kitchenette, a lounge, and a big terrace that  gives a spectacular view of the city. Generator, Barcelona
  3. Downtown Beds, Mexico City. the beds and its colors are contemporary enough to invite the frugal and young travelers. It has a jukebox, a free walking tours, a stylish bar, some bicycles, and terraces.Downtown Beds, Mexico City
  4. Plus, Berlin. It has a pool and a sauna. You can choose rooms with TV, with wifi, and even hairdryers. OR you can choose rooms with ensuite singles, doubles, or more bunks. Plus, Berlin
  5. Circus, Berlin. Another trendy hostel that truly invites backpackers. It has more charm and is reviewed as a hostel that provided higher quality accommodation compared to its competitors. Circus, Berlin
  6. The Bowery House, New York. This hostel is ideal for a group of frugal backpackers. It’s located on the edge of Chinatown, on the Lower East Side.The Bowery House, New York
  7. Matchbox Singapore. There’s a lot that this hostel offers to its guests such as orthopedic mattresses, iPod docks, smart loft lounge, all-day breakfast for the late risers, a foot and back massage machine, and so much more.Matchbox Singapore

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