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7 of the World’s Really Creative Hotels to Visit

Five star luxury hotels are always on the top of the list for tourists. But you can try something else more creative. There are hotels that give you breathtaking views, creative interiors, and really inviting designs that are so good enough they’re their own destination.

  • Hotel Habita Monterrey. Head to Monterrey, Mexico and experience this minimalist hotel that offers you a spectacular 360-degree view in their twin rooftop pools.Hotel Habita Monterrey
  • Hotel Le Belleschasse. In Paris, France, you can stay in a hotel that brings you to a whole new dimension with its bohemian and flamboyant designs that gives you a whimsical feeling.Hotel Le Belleschasse
  • Palazzo Versace. If you are into fashion, you know the glitz and glamour that Versace offers. Now experience that luxe in Hotel at Queensland, Australia.Palazzo Versace
  • The Mira Hong Kong. If you are one of the fiddle-footed modern travellers, you should experience this distinct and iconoclastic hotel in Hong Kong, China.Mira Hong Kong
  • Hotel Marqués de Riscal. Frank Ghery is one of the world’s most reputable architects. In Elciego, Spain, he designed one of the most avant-garde hotels in the world.Hotel Marqu
  • Uxua Casa Hotel. Try sleeping in a bungalow created from recycled materials along the Bahia Coast shores in Trancoso, Brazil.Uxua Casa Hotel
  • Emirates Palace. Do you want to feel like a prince? Stay in this palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.Emirates Palace

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