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Sicily through the Eyes of Dolce and Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana has a unique guide for every tourist who plans to visit the diverse and beautiful Italian island.

The designers shared their input about what makes the island unique from all the other places in the world. To them, Sicily’s air, light, and sun are different, which makes R&R immediate the moment you step off the plane.

The designers insist the traditions, landscape, and values of the island have not changed at all since 1960s. They said it is evolving and more culturally active because of the young Sicilians leaving the place only to return home as “citizens of the world.”

They also recommended some key activities to do, places to go to, and meals to try and where to find it. They mentioned their home, which is located in Stromboli, a remote island that can be accessed through a boat, where they also liked to eat bomba vulcanica, a meal made of chilies, sardines, and capers. There’s L’Osservatorio, a place perfect for candlelit dinner because it is perched on top of a promontory. For a place to stay, they recommended La Locanda del Barbablu, which has a spectacular view of the active volcano.

If you want to shop for unique Italian items, head on to Caltagirone. Don’t forget to visit the town of Taormina too where the designers’ favorite hotels (Hotel San Domenico Palace and Grand Hotel Timeo) are both found. When you’re in Taormina, take a boat to tour Isola Bella so you can enjoy the Sicilian sun and sea. You can also try to climb Mount Etna, which the designers said is like being on the moon.

Palermo is another beautiful place, which is always filled with people and enticing scents, which altogether makes the place so vibrant especially before 10am. Palermo is perhaps the favorite town of the two because they said it is full of treasures, both natural and man made. They said the passions there are stronger than anywhere else, the colors brighter, and the history richer.

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