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Texas in Spring!

Texas is loved for more than one reason,check out why I say it so!

Brenham And The Bluebonnets

Brenham , located in the heart of Texas is a famous tourist destination for its beauty and for its historical importance. The place is best visited in Spring season when the lush and the greenery would compel you to stay there longer! The most popular attraction of Brenham during spring is the blue lupine called Bluebonnet which is also called the Texas state flower.

The people of Texas are crazy after their bluebonnets so much so that an annual Bluebonnet Festival is also held in the month of April.

Antiques Galore
Not very far from Brenham lies the Texas Antiques Weel which is the largest antique fair in the country. Every year the fair has about 5000 vendors from different parts of the world. The vendors set up their wares in tents, barns and in old buildings.

Luxurious Lodging
Since the people have a deep love for vintage shopping, it is not surprising to find hotels and inns furnished with antiques. Here are a few hotels I love visiting:

Ant Street Inn
This boutique hotel has a Victorian look to it and has 15 spacious rooms. Each room is decorated beautifully ,having a city theme to it. The ambiance becomes more appealing with the use of stained glass, carved wood and other art works that are all over the place in the hotel.

Southern Rose Ranch Bed & Breakfast
Southern Rose Ranch Bed & Breakfast is located in Texas and is a place of complete bliss. The ranch is owned by a couple who have surely put in a lot of effort into the making of it. The warm hospitality you get there is outstanding. There are two suits in the ranch and are in two different buildings. The Star Suit is a Texas country cottage mostly taken up by families, the suit also consists of a kitchen; The Rose Suit is mostly taken up by newly married couples, it has a brass bed and a claw-foot tub.

There are many more things that the Texas are proud of. Yes it’s the Blue Bell ice-cream! The ice-cream factory started in Brenham about a hundred years ago offers free scoops to the visitors. Fresh milk, eggs and cream is supplied by the farmers of the area to the ice-cream factory. Blue berry ice-cream is America’s third bestselling ice-cream and is sold in 23 states in the US.

Coming to wineries, there are about 400 wineries in Texas.

So you have a few very good reasons for having some time spent in Texas.

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