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Things You Can Now Carry On-Board


Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has now allowed a few things you thought you could never carry with you on-board. Check them out:

1.Ice Skates in your carry-on baggage is allowed with you on the plane in spite of them being sharp and edgy; it’s good to wrap them carefully to avoid harm to any of your luggage or to that of your fellow passenger.

2.Lighters are also allowed in the flight provided they are of disposable nature and is used by one person at a time.

3.All you women out there who has a knack for knitting can now carry knitting needles while travelling on-board!

4.Food lovers are in for some great news! You can enjoy hard cheese, cakes, meats, cookies, chips, vegetables and fruits on-board as ruled out by CATSA.

In addition to the above, things we thought completely prohibited on-board are now allowed like nail-cutters, scissors, basketballs can all be carried inside the plane! So travel round the word with all the needy things without worrying!

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