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US, European regulators approve New Boeing 787-9

The new Boeing 787-9 “Dreamliner” has been recently approved by the US and American regulators to start making commercial flights.

The approval of the US Federal Aviation Administration along with the European Aviation Safety Agency is a milestone for a company that hopes to increase its profitability with the iconic jetliner.

The colossal plane has a passenger cabin that is 20 feet longer than its predecessors and allows 40 more passengers, which makes the total count 290. The plane’s first delivery will be to Air New Zealand Ltd.

The bigger plane is designed to make flights that could stretch as far as 8,300 nautical miles from where it will take off. Its commercial debut is set on October 15 from Auckland to Perth, Australia. After that, the plane would also be flying to Tokyo and Shanghai.

The new Boeing 787-9 is worth $249.5 million. This is 40 percent higher than it’s first price when it was announced back in 2006. The price increase was due to the increasing demand for more fuel-efficient aircrafts.

Since 2011, Boeing has sold over 150 Dreamliners. According to analysts, the company spends more in building the plane than what they earn when they sell.

The company has been working hard to lower the cost of production by making its factories more efficient. This way, the sales price will be higher than the cost of production. According to the accounting standards of Boeing, the new Dreamliner will be a profitable program.

Boeing President Dennis Muilenburg said they have reduced the unit cost of the planes by 30 percent over the first 787-9 that they have produced in their factories.

Now, the bigger 787-9 Dreamliner makes up 40 percent of Boeing’s sales with 413 orders. Most of the buyers are shifting from the smaller Dreamliner to the bigger one, and according to Boeing’s Chief Executive Jim McNerney, this shift will bolster the company’s profitability.

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