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Weird things intercepted by German border control

The German border control unit does not leave anything to chance. Have a look at what they have managed to find with travelers in the past.

Human skull and bones


These were found with a woman who was travelling from Brazil to Italy in 2008. She was stopped at the Munich airport and in her bag was found a human skull and some bones. The remains were of her brother who had died in Brazil 11 years ago and had wished to be buried in Italy.

Bieber’s monkey


This is perhaps the most famous seizure by Munich Airport Customs. The pet monkey, Mally, was taken in March 2013 and became official German property after Bieber failed to claim it.

A maggot-infested monkey


This was the second oddest find made by the officials at Munich Airport in 2008. It was found in airmail from South Africa. It contained the rotting head of a monkey with maggots.

Nazi birds


These were seized in May this year by custom official in Düsseldorf. They included a falcon wearing an SS cap.

Heroin tomato tins


In January this year the custom officials at the German-Dutch border found 1.2 tonnes of heroin stuffed in tins of tomato puree. The haul was worth €21.5 million. It was a dog that discovered the heroin.

Baboon skulls and fire arm


A 60-year old man from Bavaria was found in 2007 smuggling these fire arms at Frankfurt airport. The fire arms and four baboon skulls were found in his luggage.

Turtles in soap boxes


A woman from China was caught smuggling two baby red-eared slider turtles in soap packages without permission.

Cocaine in condoms


Sounds weird; a package if 14 condoms filled with cocaine valued at €40,000 was intercepted by German custom officials while heading for the Vatican. The drugs were from South America.

Tortoises, lizards, vipers and iguana


A 44-year-old Mexican was found with these in his suitcase. The snakes were kept in two knotted pairs of women’s tights, while the lizards were held in canvas bags and packed in boxes.

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