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World’s Most Expensive Hotels For Summer 2014!

According to a recent survey, our research team compared the rates of luxury hotels around the world for July and August 2014 which was the main summer travel months.
1. North Island Lodge, Seychelles.

World’s No.1 most expensive hotel is North Island Lodge Resort. This resort made headlines when Prince William and Kate Middleton (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) honeymooned here in 2011. This hotel rated at $6,995.

2. Fregate Island, Seychelles

Fregate Island is the world’s second most expensive hotel which is located in Seychelles. In this hotel swimming pool pictured looks like the ocean. This resort rated at $5,246.

3. Singita Lebombo Lodge in Limpopo, South Africa

The Singita Lebombo Lodge is situated in South Africa. You can view the African wildlife and scenery. This resort rated at $2,754.

4. The Wakaya Club & Spa in Wakaya, Fiji

Wakaya is a private island, where Club is a resort of luxury bungalows and villas. This resort rated at $2,740.

5. Hotel Cala Di Volpe, in Sardinia, Italy

This resort looks like an Old Italian fishing village with pastel walls and rustic porticos. There no huge swimming pool which looks like the ocean. This hotel rated at $2,613.

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