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World’s Most Sophisticated Food Festivals

Food is an important part of a country’s tradition and culture. But there are some food festivals that are either invitingly incredible or downright weird.

  1. La Tomatina. The 20,000 people who participate in this food festival hurl more than 15,000 tomatoes all over Buñol close to Valencia, Spain every August 27. They throw those tomatoes until all the streets turn red.
  2. Barnesville Potato Days Festival. Just this August 22 to 24, around 20,000 people go to Barnesville, Minnesota to enjoy two days of potato parties, which includes sculpting, peeling and even potato wrestling.
  3. Ludlow Food Festival. This food in Shropshire, England marks its 20th year this September 12 to 14. It features giant 180 exhibitors from the local experts, enticing 20,000 tourists from all over the world.
  4. Oktoberfest. If you are into ice cold beer in big glasses, you definitely have to experience the biggest beer festival in the world held in Munich, Germany from September 20 to October 5.
  5. Phuket Vegetarian Festival. From September 23 to October 3, you can witness this uncomfortable festival. Its name may sound healthy and pleasing, but it is actually a gruesome festival that involves body piercing to drive away the evil spirits.

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