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Miniland ,USA

You must have been to Paris,Tokyo,Hong-Kong to visit the Disneyland but have you ever visited a theme park? There are many theme parks out there to give your travels an offbeat flavor.
The Danish company Legoland merged with Merlin Entertainment and did an awesome job of opening theme parks across the world. It has managed to open about 6 of them. The theme parks are each in USA,UK,Germany,Malaysia and Billund. The rides may not outperform rides in other theme parks but a journey through Miniland is sure to generate awe among
the visitors.
The creation of Miniland in itself is spectacular and one of a kind. Over 20 million bricks have been used to create mini versions of famous buildings and scenes around the world. Visitors can also enjoy seven famous scenes from the Star Wars movies.

Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo, Japan

Sanrio Puroland is always thronged by visitors to see the iconic Hello Kitty in action. In spite of the park having only one ride the park is still very popular in Japan for having the life size Hello Kitty house and the different parades and shows that are held in the park.
You may also avail a discounted pakage from stations along the keio subway line in Tama.

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