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Zurich: The Town For Chocoholics

Tour around the Old Town of Zurich and experience the best chocolates the city has to offer.

Paradelpatz’s Sprungli shop is one of the best chocolate makers in town, famous for its little almond meringues called Luxemburgerli.

Another incredible chocolate shop is the Honold, which is a family-owned chocolate and confectionery shop that was founded way back 1905.

Taste Chocolates With Unique Ingredients

You wouldn’t expect that some of the mouth-watering chocolates in Zurich has ingredients you don’t expect, including galangal and lemongrass.

Lotti’s Best is one of the best Zurich has to offer, it is a nougat feuilletine that has Tonka bean and fleur de sel. It is covered with delicious Criollo de Venezuela 65 percent and the sweet milk chocolate.

Coffee and Chocolate

Conditorei Schober-Peclard is a legendary coffee house that transition to a successful pastry shop. It is well located inside a 14th century building with rich traditional interior. There are countless savoury cakes, ice creams and pastries here.

Proper Chocolate Tasting

Clearly, chocolate here is an integral part of their culture and tradition, which should be treated with respect. Tour guides here would suggest that you look for a good sheen. It shouldn’t be too glossy no should it be dull. A well-tempered chocolate has a distinct snap sound when you break a piece.

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