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World’s Best Cliffside Beaches

Going to the beach is always about basking under the sun, digging your toes in the fine sands, and enjoying the beauty of the pristine waters.

However, there are beaches that make you grab your camera first before putting on some sunscreen or doing any of the that. These places give you the most spectacular views of a beach.

If you want to enjoy these wonderful views and thrilling landscapes, then go to cliff towers by the beaches.

Get ready to move your muscles though, because these cliff side beaches need some hiking, climbing or even boat riding to reach.

Breathtaking view you see in these Cliffside beaches are definitely worth the adventure. It’s one summer adventure that could definitely make up for all the activities you missed to do and all the events that disappointed you.

Here are the world’s most spectacular Cliffside Beaches that will make you forget all your worries:

Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi, Thailandmaya-bay-horizontal-gallery

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Greecenavagio-horizontal-gallery

Legzira Beach in Moroccomorocco-horizontal-gallery

McWay Cove in Big Sur, California140805182000-22-cliff-beaches-horizontal-gallery

Tropea in Italytropea beach-horizontal-gallery

As Catedrais in Galicia, Spainribadeo-horizontal-gallery

Calanque d’En Vau close to Cassis, France140805181954-20-cliff-beaches-horizontal-gallery

Dias Beach in Cape Point, South Africadiasbeach-horizontal-gallery

Halona Beach Cove in Oahu, Hawaii140807115425-beaches-hawaii-halona-beach-cove-horizontal-gallery

Chiaia di Luna in Ponza, Italy140807172435-di-luna-beach-horizontal-gallery

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