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World’s Best Summer Super Yachts for the Super People Who Can Afford

Do you have plenty of cash to burn and you want to experience that Wolf of Wall Street fast lane life style? You should spend it in one of the best super yachts in the world. Do you dream of cruising in the Mediterranean while basking under the warm sun surrounded by beautiful blue waters with the fresh blowing sea breeze? For a price of £300,000, you can spend a week in one of the available chartered lavish super yachts in this list.

  • Spend a week in Fiji and New Caledonia in the 223ft Lady Christine, a super yacht that used to belong to Lord Irvine Laidlaw. It costs £320,000 a week.


  • Enjoy the cruising in the oceans on the 248ft Reborn, which is complete with a cinema, a piano lounge, and a beach club for £390,000 a week.


  • Experience a week on the 295-feet Athena, the world’s biggest sailing luxury yacht, for £315,000 a week.


  • Walk-around decks, a trampoline, a swim-up bar, a jacuzzi, and other luxurious features, this 255 feet TV costs you £670,000 a week.


  • Cruise around the Mediterranean’s Burgees and live the life in the luxurious 182 feet Turquoise for £175,000 per week.


  • If you love the sea and you have a flair for art, enjoy the lavish life as you cruise in the Mediterranean sea on the Galaxy, which has artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Warhol, David Lachapelle, and others. It will cost you £174k a week to enjoy this super yacht.


  • The 194 feet Vicky designed by legendary yacht builders Baglietto Facilities will cost you £180,000 per week.


  • The luxury 171 feet Sai Ram will cost you £155,000 per week.


  • The 111 feet Cyrus One has a modern finish and can accommodate up to eight guests. It costs £55,000 a week.


  • The 121 feet Bliss lets you cruise Tahiti for £60,000 a week.


  • Experience the Italian Rivera in a luxurious 180-feet super yacht, the Ocean Paradise for £175,000.


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