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World’s Shocking and Absurd Hotel Charges

Due to London’s The Wellesley Hotel’s “minimum spend” rule in its cigar lounge, a British businessman had to pay £75 for the three bottle of water that he bought.

There are a lot of hotel charges that are down right outrageous, including £10 on-demand films, £15 for laundry fees, £10 towel deposit if you left your towel by the pool accidentally.

For the spirit of the outrageous charge that the businessman paid in a London hotel, here are some of the world’s most shocking hotel charges:

Wi-Fi Connection. According to a survey, 90 percent of the hotels in Europe offer free WiFi. However, there are 10 percent that don’t, and they are usually British hotels. They charge up to £6 an hour for WiFi connection. If they offer free connection, they will limit the bandwidth, which means you have to pay extra for premium access.wifi_2896451c

Mini-Bar Refreshments. You know you have to avoid this place of the hotel as much as you can. Some of the most outrageous mini-bar charges are from Peninsula Beverly Hills, where you have to pay $80 for one box of chocolate, and the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, where you have to shell out $25 for a bottle of water.hotel-charge2_2989457c

Room Service Costs. In a hotel in Geneva, you may have to spend an average of £19.46 if you order salad, egg, bacon, chicken or sandwich through room service. There are other hotels that charge $7.72 for a can of Coke.

Tea and Coffee. There are hotels where you have to spend £5 for two bags of tea, milk, hot water, and of course, for the room service.

Breakfast. London’s Jumeirah Carlton Hotel charges up to £39 for their breakfast.

Hidden VAT. The price of a cocktail on the menu is £20, but when you pay for it after you drink it, you have to spent a total of £24, because of the hidden VAT.hotel-_2990726c

Other Dishonorable Mentions:

  • Spa Treatment Charges
  • Resort Fees
  • Late Check Out
  • Early Check In
  • Charitable Donations

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