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PC has been always a huge part of the tech community. Just remember, the first computer ever made was a PC (even if it was pretty huge), which lead to the development of different consoles, phones, later smartphones, tablets and many other devices. PC is both the past and the future. The past, because it was a huge leap in technology and it helped other tech devices to be invented from it and the future, since PC is the most advanced platform in gaming.

Consoles Versus Pc

Consoles Versus Pc

While there are gamers who use consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 mostly) for gaming purposes, there’s a large group of hardcore gamers, who only play games in front of their computers. With the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, console gamers can now play every game at the cap of 60 FPS in 1080p, however this would not be enough for a PC gamer. PC gamers always strive to have the best and latest hardware in their computers in order to gain higher and higher FPS and to see the beautiful graphics that come with PC games. For a normal PC gamer the 60 FPS cap seems to be pretty annoying, since on a hardcore gaming personal computer, the frame per seconds can go up to a rate of 150-200 sometimes. It is not THAT visible, however, it can be seen and it really gets hardcore gamers delighted. Even with the new technology, games can be played at 4K (of course, if you can afford to buy the hardware and the monitor/TV for it), which provides even more beautiful vision to PC gamers.

In addition to the previous paragraph, PC gamers are getting the latest updates and features for their gaming systems. What am I talking about? Let’s just see DirectX, how it has been developed during the years or different drivers for the hardware we have. They are all PC exclusive, for consoles you only get monthly updates, which are prioritized to fix the bugs in the system, while drivers can make games run smoother too.

Gaming Software

There are numerous programs, which could make a PC gamer’s life easier. For example, there’s Steam and Origin for PC. What are these two programs? These software provide gamers an interface on, which they can buy games, play them, no need to install them separately, the gaming platform will do the hard work for you. You can buy the games digitally, or if you bought them from another marketplace (hard copy or digital), you can type in the serial numbers and register the game, so you can play it officially.

Gaming platforms, such as Steam or Origin, provides a chance for gamers to socialize, since they are encouraged to play with friends. It is pretty easy to find friends on these gaming platforms. All you have to do is to play a game, socialize, search the player’s name on the platform and add him or her as your friend. This can be quite interesting, since you can get to know people from different parts of the world. There is even a voice option in Steam (don’t know about Origin), so you don’t even have to open Skype or TeamSpeak to communicate verbally, you can do it on the platform’s interface.

The Change

PC gaming has changed quite a lot during the years. Just remember, there was a time when you could only buy your desired game in the form of a hard copy (CD/DVD). Now you can buy it digitally, only using your credit/debit card for the purchase.

Do you remember Windows XP? One of the best operating systems of Microsoft at the time, however, with the release of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 everything has changed. And there’s more, Windows 10 is coming this summer, so there will be (hopefully) many more newly added features to the OS, making it more stable and cool.

PC gaming

Just look at DirectX, the program responsible for the graphics. Microsoft is releasing the brand new DirectX 12 this year, even making graphics look more beautiful. Some rumors say that with the new DirectX, it will be possible to play with CGI level graphics, which seems quite cool.

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