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GTA 5 has been scheduled for release many times, but it has been also delayed many times. However, the latest and final release date of the PC version of the game is April 14, 2015 (only 5 days to wait!).

Most of the people know what the Grand Theft Auto series are. However, there are some of you, our dearest Readers, who haven’t heard of the video game series. GTAs have been one of the most successful games in the whole video gaming history. The new releases of the games always break video game sales records.

Grand Theft Autos are developed by the gaming studio, Rockstar Games. They are well known among gamers since they have been in the industry for a long time. The studio is famous for making open world games, where the player can go whenever he or she wants to. That’s pretty great, however, they always write an ingenious storyline for the video game, which makes the gaming experience even better for players. The studio is well known for its creativity and their sick humor, most of the games, which they release are rated 18+, so only matures are permitted to play with them. However, this rule is never kept since most of the persons who play Rockstar’s games are kids or young teens.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto

One of Rockstar Games’ first releases, the debut of the first game in this series was a huge success. It wasn’t even 3D designed since you could only see the game from an “upper view” in two dimension. Yeah, it’s an old game, but you could enjoy every bit of it. The company has released GTA London and GTA 2 after the first release of the game, which were both 2D based. The first game in the series, which was designed with three dimension technology was GTA 3. Then came GTA Vice City and San Andreas, the two most popular games in the series. The predecessor of the current Grand Theft Auto V was GTA IV, a New York (Liberty City) based video game, featuring a Russian immigrant who wants to start a new life in America.

The company is famous for giving fantasy names for the locations and the brands in the game, which are pretty similar to the real ones. They do this to avoid copyright issues and to make things even funnier for players. Some examples for this: Liberty City is New York, Sprunk is Sprite, Los Santos is Los Angeles, etc.

The Downside Of Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games have been making some serious mistakes in the past. These mistakes involve not releasing their newest games for the personal computers. They have done this in the past, since they are very afraid of piracy, and they think it would not worth for them to release an AAA game for PC, since most people would torrent it from a famous tracker. They were wrong in this, and maybe this is why they want to make it up to PC gamers by making GTA V even better for them.

The Improvements In The PC Version Of GTA V

Now, we have reached our subject in this article. GTA V, as I have previously mentioned, was delayed several times. This delay was cost PC gamers almost one and half years. However, Rockstar Games have already apologized for this delay, and they have said in several press releases that they will make the PC version of the game even better.

The studio will release the personal computer edition of the game with much better graphics, adding the option to play in 4K. They will also add a third person view to the game, making it more interesting for players.

The company has also fixed the previous bugs, which occurred in the console versions of the video game. They will release GTA Online and the fully optimized Heists game mode to PC gamers instantly, so they don’t really have to wait for them like console players did. They are also adding mod support for PC users.


I think Rockstar Games has done a pretty good move by not releasing the PC version of the game along with the console versions. A fully optimized and bug-free game worth more than a half optimized game, which could break down in every minute.

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