Top 8 Costly Pop Music Videos That Cost Millions to Make

Some popstars value the visuals as importantly as the music itself and this leads them to spend huge amounts of cash to come up with costly videos.

In celebrating Cash In With Capital, let us have a look at some of the most expensive videos ever produced in the pop world. How would you spend cash if you won a jackpot today?

8. Britney Spears – Toxic

Its production cost was $1 million. She travels on a mission against her cheating boyfriend in the video for her 2003 single, making it her most expensive visual till present. It is apparent that she got her money back.

Britney Spears - Toxic

7. Sisqo – ‘Thong Song’

The video cost $1.1 million where the singer Spring Break-themed clip was produced by the famous director Joseph Khan. It has been credited to have pioneered ‘booty videos’. Little of the $ 1.1 million was only spent on costumes.

Sisqo – Thong Song

6. Kanye West – ‘Stronger’

The video valued at $1.2 million was shot in Japan, taking three months to complete. It features unique effects, and no surprise $1.2 million would have been spent. With that in mind, one wouldn’t figure out how Kanye now feels in those specs.


5. Backstreet Boys – ‘Larger Than Life’

$2.1million was spent to see the Star Wars inspired visual for the group’s 1999 hit. They were clad in robotic attire as they navigated through space with panoramas of Brian tossing on a surfboard that cost $99k alone.

Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life

4. Michael Jackson – ‘Bad’

Shooting of the clip cost $2.2 million with Jackson hiring the acclaimed director Martin Scorsese to control the video for “Bad”, which lasts for a lengthy 18 minutes and took six weeks to complete. We can say it was money well spent since it turned him into the bad boy of pop.

Michael Jackson – Bad

3. Mariah Carey – ‘Heartbreaker’

Out of the $2.5 million spent on the video, it is alleged that the singer spent $100,000 to hire a cinema to shoot out the video for her 1999 single ‘Heartbreaker’, in which she follows her cheating boyfriend and gets in to a fight with the other women. Although the animations here appear to have been costly, no one can tell how much she spent to hire the diva.

Mariah Carey - Heartbreaker

2. Madonna – ‘Die Another Day’

The $6.1 million Madonna’s clip for her 2002 James Bond theme ‘Die Another Day’ has scenes where the queen of pop is at war with herself including special effects in nearly all scenes. It appears that the huge cost came from the destructions she caused along the way.

Madonna - 'Die Another Day'

1. Michael and Janet Jackson – ‘Scream’

The $7 million video might have been recorded nearly two decades ago, but Michael and Janet’s ‘Scream’ is the world’s most expensive music video ever made. In the clip, the two are seen escaping the media in a $65,000 computer-generated spaceship. The lighting bill alone was estimated to have cost $175,000. From the sales that it made, it was a worth investment.

Michael and Janet Jackson – Scream

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