Xbox One Vs. Playstation 4

Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation have been fighting a war since the release of the first version of the companies’ machines. On the console market these two giants have the biggest share, only leaving just a small percent for Nintendo. Nintendo has been dealing with huge financial problems, since the release of the Wii U. The console has not been the device people have wanted, so the sales have dropped, making Nintendo only a minor competitor on the console market against Sony and Xbox.

Their most popular consoles were the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. These two machines have evolved with the gaming world, making the place better. The two consoles made it possible to make high quality and beautiful looking games for all gaming platforms including PC. However, after 3 years of the consoles’ release, the two major console platforms have started to bottleneck gaming. What do I mean by that, you would ask. I would answer that I mean without no hardware changes in gaming systems, video game developers have to make a downgrade for their games in order to make them able to run on Xbox 360 and on the Playstation 3. This affected the PC gaming community quite well, since PC has been always the leader in graphics and gaming hardware. For PC, there are new series of hardware coming out every year, with better and better performance and technology. This made consoles to be inferior comparing them to PCs. That’s why Sony and Microsoft realized they have to do a major change.

The change was made at the end of 2013, when the two companies uave released the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Both machines had been designed very well, if you would ask me which is better in hardware or by look I couldn’t answer. However, there have been lots of differences regarding the sales of the two products. Sony has reached 20 million sold goods this week, while Microsoft has sold only 10 million Xboxes.

xbox one

Almost everyone remembers the Game of Thrones parody South Park episodes, which focused around the console wars, Sony versus Microsoft. There had been an ending scene, a boss battle, between Sony’s CEO and Bill Gates where Bill Gates dropped his shirt off and killed his opponent in a hand by hand fight. This made Playstation lose the console wars making Microsoft the clear winner in the tv show. However, in real life, the opposite happened. Sony have won the console wars by beating Microsoft by sales selling two times more than its competitor. That has been a quite big achievment for Sony, since the company has never bested its competitor by this much. However, Sony has always bested Microsoft in console sales. Not by much, but the difference was significant.

Now, the situation will be better for Microsoft, since if they release Hololens, it will be compatible with the gaming system, Xbox One. This will make gaming even better for Xbox fans, since they can see games in real with the help of the HoloLens. Latter are glasses, which have been designed to implement applications and games in reality with the use of holograms. This will not only cause a huge impact on gaming, but the wotld itself. Just imagine people walking on the street with Hololens on their eyes doing weird things. The best is that those things that they do will seem weire, however, they are not. Especially they will not be in the near future, since 2015 is the year of wearable gadgets. This fact will make the world a whole new, hopefully a better, place.

People will be walking with smartwatches and fitness trackers on their wrists, and with smartglasses covering their eyes. The world will look like as if we were in a futuristic novel or movie. However, it is a question how these devices will affect The social life of Humanity. Will we be more social or suddenly we will turn out to be anti socials. Hopefully, we will be the earlier, however no one could know what will happen at a major technological advance. It is a fact, however, that wearable gadgets will make communication much easier.

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