5 Wonderful Destinations to Visit This Fall By Saving Just $10 Daily

Author By Glozine Staff
Updated :Dec 5, 2023
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With only a few vacation days left, it’s not surprising that you could still go places if you can save a little every day. Supposing you save just $10 daily in the next 3 months, you will have enough cash to spend while visiting some wonderful travel destinations you have always craved for. But how can you manage this? Rather than ordering lunch from hotels, have it prepared at home and bring it to work. Alternatively, use public transport instead of your car while reporting to work. Won’t that save you enough cash for a tropical vacation this fall?

Let’s have a look at some wonderful resorts you can visit with just around $1,000 or less:

1. Costa Rica, Dreams Las Mareas

Located in El Jobo, Costa Rica, the Dreams Las Mareas resort is an amazing travel destination that is wonderful for every kind of vacation. Credit to its site on the edge of the mountains, you will definitely enjoy the spectacular atmosphere along with white, palm-studded beach for basking. With lots of activities and free meals for kids, it’s an ideal place to visit with your family. With the cheapest package starting at $1,079 inclusive of airfare, the resort offer unlimited dining within its eight restaurants, premium drinks and seven bars. Additionally, the package covers 24-hour room service, inclusive private rooms with hot tubs.

2. Dominican Republic, Princess Resort and Spa

Situated in Punta Cana, the Princess Resort and Spa in Punta Cana is an affordable and amazing travel destination though for adults only. With just $750, you will enjoy all the standard amenities for five days and four nights in October inclusive of round-trip flights from major cities in the U.S. The resort has five unique restaurants and three bars where you can enjoy your three meals a day plus snacks and unlimited drinks.

3. Jamaica, Melia Braco Village

If you have ever dreamt of a vacation involving a private beach along with endless views, Melia Braco Village in Rio Bueno, Jamaica is the resort that should come to your mind this fall. The all-around $700, you will have a chance to enjoy unlimited dining in its six restaurants, access a private beach and soak in its two stunning pools. In addition, there is a swim-up bar plus you can enjoy 24-hour room service at the comfort of your balcony. This makes it an ideal travel destination for those who wan a perfect getaway in a secluded tropical oasis without minding what is happening in the other world.

4. Utah, Red Mountain Resort

Have you been planning a getaway with totally unique all-inclusive tourist amenities? Look no further than the Red Mountain Resort in Utah where you can experience an exceptional vacation that provides a relaxation vibe along with a self-paced adventure. If you choose the Essential Adventure Retreat, you will have a chance to enjoy three meals daily along with plenty of activities that give a feeling like you are in a summer camp. You will also have access to daily hikes through the amazing Zion National Park, plenty of fitness classes and walking trails. Don’t miss out on indoor and outdoor pools plus bikes available in this stunning resort. It’s an ideal resort for people who love travelling alone and packages start from $265 a day. Though that sounds quite costly, you won’t have to spend much on domestic airfare. Make your trip on Monday and return home on Friday so that you can ease back over the weekend.

5. Mexico, Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort

For those who have been thinking that Cancun is travel destination meant for the elderly in spring, here is some good news. Situated on the Yutican Peninsula, Sandos offers a strikingly refined atmosphere for a relaxed vacation, though located near the Hotel Zone. With a three-night package starting at $649, inclusive of airfare, it’s an affordable travel destination that you can afford for a 6-day stay with just around $1,000. All packages provide meals and drinks in five restaurants and 3 bars. You will also have access to 24-hour room service and access to the mini bar. Don’t miss out on unlimited water and land activities such as sailing, snorkeling, golf and tennis.


Saving just $10 every day for the next three will cater for a lot if you a planning to make a vacation this summer. There are plenty of ways to cut down on your expenses and get an opportunity to wind up in any of these stunning tourist destinations. Start saving today if you are looking for an amazing gateway this fall. And if you can save more, you can extend your vacation stay or get accompanied with your partner or family.

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