10 Fantastic Wedding Destinations for Every Couple

Wedding is an occasion that takes place once in your lifetime. You should therefore make it to be the best and memorable. Look at these spectacular and one-of-a-kind destinations that are most likely to leave you wishing your wedding never comes to an end.

10. Aspen, Colo


For Any Time of Year; it is along the Fork River, 8,000 feet above sea level. It is a high-end town which is known fro skiing and is great for wedding.

9. Charleston, S.C.


Southern Hospitality in Charleston is what makes this place popular for southern weddings. If you want a beach wedding on the Atlantic Ocean, this is the place to be.

8. San Diego, Calif


This place has stress-free sun and sand. It is warm and cloud-free nearly all-year round. If your idea of a perfect wedding is lack of stress and includes sand and sun, visit San Diego.

7. New England


This is perfect if you want your wedding to take place among the fields and forests. Head to Massachusetts, Mainne, Vermont etc.

6. Malibu, Calif


Whether you want your wedding to be between mountains or on the beach, Malibu will satisfy your need. There is a narrow strip along the Pacific Coast stretching over 20 miles.

5. Asheville, N.C.


This place is nestled amid the Bluegrass Hills giving very fantastic scenery. It is known for its charming downtown and majestic bluegrass hills quite perfect for weddings.

4. Sedona, Ariz


This place has very beautiful red rocks sure to give you very memorable photos.

3. Smoky Mountains, Tenn


Do you want to marry in the mountains? The Smocky Mountains are a subrange of the Appalachia Mountains running along the Tennessee-North Carolina border.

2. Napa Valley, Calif


This place is world-renowned for winery weddings. There are also vineyards that provide popular locations for classic weddings.

1. Florida Keys


This place boasts a string of islands that stretch from the southeastern edge of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico. It is ideal for warm-weddings.

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