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13 Israeli soldiers killed in bloodiest day since 2006

Israel has suffered the bloodiest day since the 2006 Hezbollah war in Lebanon, after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) suffered 13 casualties on Saturday. The one-day causalities surpass the three week Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

The number is dwarfed by deaths in Gaza, the total for the weekend conflict sits at 87. Most of the deaths are civilians – the overall death toll in Gaza currently sits at 425. Israel have claimed Hamas is using civilians as human shields, something Hamas refutes.

Hamas has claimed they have an Israeli soldier captured, but Israel has stated this is false. Citizens in Israel are devastated at the news of the 13 deaths, more than Israel is used to, it might cause a change in the view of war in the Gaza Strip.

Operation Protective Edge is the second time Israel has sent ground forces into the Gaza Strip. US Secretary of State John Kerry will be in talks today about a peace treaty between the two nations, to stop the ever-growing conflict between the two nations.

The UN Security Council has also had a meeting to discuss options for the two states. The growing conflict has displaced around 83,695 residents to Gaza and that number is growing by the day, according to the United Nations.

Hamas continues to fire rockets from Gaza to Israel, but so far there have been no causalities reported from Israel. Operation Protective Edge looks to cut the number of attacks to Israel, and perhaps loosen Hamas’ grip on the region.

The United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has called both sides to end the conflict and respect international humanitarian law. Both sides have reportedly violated human rights in Gaza and might be subject to war crimes.

The conflict appears to be less stable than in 2009, with both sides incapable of finding common ground to live side by side. If this continues, the United Nations might be forced to use more rash actions against the two states.

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